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Hi Friends!

Phew! Finally, our Paleo blog is up!

We’d love to know who you are, and why you’re here. So please, don’t be shy – drop us a quick comment and let us know!

Are you eating Paleo? Curious about it? An expert? Just getting started? Or maybe you’re just fans of Shelley and I and want to see what we’ll drop here? :)

Stay tuned, because I am sure it will be an interesting ride!

Oh, and if you want to learn a bit about us, check out the “About” page at the top!

Happy Eating :)



  1. Hmmm. I wanting to give Paleo a shot. I just ordered the Primal Blueprint book from Mark Sisson yesterday. Should come in the mail this week. But I know I need to make some changes in both what/how I eat and how I exercise. Came across your blog tonight.

    A big question for me is how I can get these principles (if they work as expected) to become a part of my kids’ lives (2/5/8 years old) and my wife. So if you’ve any perspective on getting kids to actually like things besides processed carbs or veggies dipped in fatty dip…let me know!

    • Hi Blake! So glad you bought Mark’s book, we really love his Primal ways! You might want to check out his recent post on kids – while the initial article is about co-raising stepchildren, the discussion among the comments has some great tips for Paleo parents. It’s called “Raising Healthy Children.” Jake and I don’t have kids yet, so I can’t speak from experience, but my best advice is to 1) clean out the kitchen of all non-paleo foods 2) lead by example, and 3) educate. I’ve also read from the Everyday Paleo mom (she and her husband raise 3 kids and the whole family is Paleo) that when you get the kids involved in the meal planning and preparing, they are much more excited to eat the foods as well. She has a photo of her youngest eating a bowl of brussel sprouts. Now how’s that for a picture worth a thousand words? :)

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