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Joe’s Special

My parents just started Paleo two weeks ago (congrats Mom & Dad!!!), when Gravity Janes started its first Paleo Nutrition Challenge of 2010. I love talking to people on Paleo, because the first question everyone seems to ask is… what’d you have for (insert breakfast/lunch/dinner)?

While on her quest for new recipes, my mom found this awesome recipe (at for Joe’s Special, and I made it tonight for the first time for Jake, his dad, and myself. We tweaked it a touch to suit our tastes, and to sum it up, I simply did not make enough. Just a few ingredients, and I practically licked my plate clean. It was just THAT good.

Enjoy some photos, and click here to download the recipe!

Happy Eating… Joey


  1. Marcy

    This is really similar to a cauliflower ‘hash’ we make. It has riced cauliflower, sausage, spinach, sage, red pepper flakes, and usually other vegetables from the fridge that need to be used up. We serve scrambled or fried eggs over the top usually.

    I’m definitely going to try this one, but I’ll have to leave out the mushrooms for my husband. :(

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