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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oils. The bad and the good.

While on my effort to diversify my fats, I learned that coconut oil is a great substitute for olive oil when grilling & cooking. I was a bit skeptical, as I don’t like coconut flavor and definitely didn’t want it’s taste claiming my delicious meats!

Jake bought a jar of Organic Virgin (Unrefined) Coconut Oil for us to try out. He liked the flavor of it, but I thought it had too much coconut flavor to use on my food. (It made me gag.) We did some more research, and found out that Refined Coconut Oil has a much more mild flavor and is supposed to be pretty tasteless. Sounded good to me.

At the store, it was difficult to tell which oils were Refined. The packaging doesn’t say Refined. We did find one brand that said “Ideal for Cooking” on it’s label, and it didn’t have the description Virgin on there, so we threw it on the cart and brought it home.

And guess what? No taste! It even smelled a bit like butter when we put it on the grilling pan. We used it on both our Pork Chops and NY Strip Steak this week and it worked great! Yay! A new find!

And Jake gets to eat the other one by the spoonful… eewww….

(Oh – in the photo above the jar on the LEFT tastes like coconut. The jar on the RIGHT does not!)


    • I love how many ways you can use it… it’s my new favorite! And it allows us to reserve our favorite olive oil for places where we can taste it best, like roasted veggies. Great moisturizer too!

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