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Paleo Girls on your iPhone

Who's awesome logo is in that top, right corner? Ours!!

Wow! One week online and we’ve had over 1000 hits. We are so excited! Apparently this blog was a good idea?

If you are finding it useful (and we sure hope you are), I’ve discovered a way to view our content straight from your iPhone. And I didn’t even have to create an App!

Rather than printing out our recipes and packing them up to take grocery shopping, there is a super easy way to view our blog on your iPhone.

  1. Fire up Safari
  2. Enter our URL,
  3. Click the “+” at the bottom of your screen
  4. Select “Add to Home Screen”
  5. Nickname it Paleo Girls
  6. Click “Add” in the top right corner
  7. Viola! You now have a direct link on your home screen to our blog! And wordpress is so great, that it formats our blog for your iPhone in a very easy- t0-scroll, easy-to-read, format.

This may work for other smart phones as well, but I have only tested this on my iPhone. Do us a favor and drop a comment if it works on other phones!

Happy eating! Joey

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