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Lunch Today…

Once I started Paleo, I quickly realized that it was critical that I get more organized about my cooking.  I spend a lot of my mornings dropping my pre-schooler off, getting in a workout, picking up my pre-schooler, getting my kindergartener to the bus for his afternoon class and volunteering up in my second-graders classroom once a week.  There has to be food available and ready to eat!   Last night I made a blackened chicken salad and just cooked extra chicken to have for leftovers. Having the chicken and veggies all sliced up in ziplocs in the fridge made lunch today EASY! I love easy. Who doesn’t love easy?

So here you have it…blackened chicken breast (see recipe here) with a side of guac, and sliced red, and yellow peppers and a couple celery sticks. Simple and so satisfying.

Enjoy! Shelley


  1. Nice lunch Shell! It looks so pretty too :) I ate grilled chicken and leftover spaghetti squash again for lunch… seems to be a staple for me these days.

  2. Bob

    Joey & Shelly,
    Thanks girls. I am about as new to paleo as you are, but was having trouble with the recipes. You have some good ones (Love the nutty banana thing, friggin’ rocked). Keep up the good work and again, thank you.

    • Shelley

      Bob! Thanks for the feeback. Glad you enjoyed the nutty banana! Love it…I keep that ‘nutty mix’ in my fridge and srpinkle it over other fruits…so good…especially on apples!

  3. Another Paleo Chick

    Ooohhh! I know what we’re having for dinner tonight. I love it when I have all the fixin’s for something that catches my fancy!

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