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Superbowl Survival 101

Besides the obvious game, there are typically a few other things that come to mind when one hears the word Superbowl.

Commercials (of course) and then… pizza… beer… chili… wings… sliders… 7-layer dips and a wide choice of salty and/or greasy chips… and then there’s an array of potential desserts too… cakes, brownies, maybe little football-shaped cookies? Basically, a variety of gut-wrenching, so-called, “foods” that are a nightmare for any Paleo person. If you are lucky, you might see a sad little platter of carrots and celery with some ranch dip. If. You. Are. Lucky.

Assuming you aren’t entertaining at your home, how are you supposed to survive this?

For a seasoned Paleo person, these situations are just plain annoying. You’re used to your real foods, and you still just can’t understand the reason the entire world isn’t eating this way. You’re tempted to bring a copy of The Paleo Diet, Protein Power, or Good Calories Bad Calories to share with the group at halftime. I mean, you will have to explain something after sitting through an entire first half without having Cheetos-stained fingers like the rest of them, you know.

And if you’re new to Paleo? Your brain might still recall those fake foods as being delicious. They might smell good and make your mouth water, and, you may decide, Oh it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten anything bad, so I will probably be okay if I sneak this (enter fake food from above here)… but trust me, your body will disagree with your theories. So, unless you’re wanting to call in sick on Monday with a major case of gut irritation, maybe instead, you’ll do yourself a favor and take one of my suggestions:

  • Go ahead and have the slider, minus the bun.
  • Have a giant lunch before you go & fast until dinner. Pack in a few more ounces of protein, and a bit more fat and carbs, and you’ll be so full you won’t be tempted. You’ll come home and treat yourself to a nice Paleo dinner and feel good that you avoided the potential tsunami on your intestines.
  • Bring a dish to share, even if you haven’t been asked. It’s a great opportunity to show your friends that healthy food tastes great, and you will be happy knowing you’ll have something to munch on. Might I recommend our Turkey Chili, a nice bowl of Mexican Pecans, or even a collection of your favorite veggies with a side of almond butter or homemade guacamole for dipping? How about Organic, Free-Range Chicken or Grass-Fed Beef Satay? Even a Fruit Platter or Fruit Salad would be a great addition! There are so many options!

If you and your friends don’t have any set plans yet, offer to host at your home, and serve up a nice Paleo spread for all to enjoy. You don’t have to tell them it’s “Paleo” or even explain it. (But you will have your books on hand, just in case, right?!) It will taste great, the food will satisfy everyone, and they won’t go home in a grain-induced coma. They will thank you, and they will remember your Superbowl for being the nicest spread they’ve probably ever had. Which means you’ll have to do it again next year.

Best of luck to you this Superbowl! I know you can do it. Happy eating! Joey

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