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The Wolf Margarita

I’m guessing you’ve never had a biochemist as your bartender. Nor someone who is also a resident Paleo and fitness expert. But today is your lucky day, my friends!

While drinking is not recommended as an everyday part of the Paleo lifestyle, it might just be silly for us to think you won’t want to take part in the occasional social beverage. So, if you’re going to have a drink, why not make it as Paleo as possible?

Enter Robb Wolf.  Former research biochemist. Did graduate work with Loren Cordain, Ph.D. (and author of The Paleo Diet). Co-Founder of Crossfit NorCal. Expert blogger, and host of his very own Podcasts.

Jake and I are big fans of Robb Wolf, and we were so excited when we heard Podcast #3, introducing the NorCal Margarita (I’ve renamed it the Wolf Margarita here). Robb also refers to it as getting drunk by science, and you’ll have to listen to his Podcast for the details. We finally tried it ourselves for the first time a few weeks ago, loved it, and decided we had to have them once more to take photos and create a proper blog post for you. Oh yes, Internet friends, we will drink for you. Because we’re just that devoted.

It’s Friday night. Grab a glass, follow the steps below, and enjoy!

It calls for Gold Tequila, but we just used the one we had on hand...

Per Drink:

  • Pour Two Shots Tequila over ice
  • Add juice from one whole Lime
  • Add a splash of soda water
  • Enjoy!

I love our new lemon/lime juicer! It gives us way more juice!

add your splash of soda!

I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drinks, so I made mine with just one shot of tequila. I tasted both mine and Jake’s, and thought they both tasted great! Jake’s wasn’t too strong, nor was mine too weak. I was afraid mine would taste a bit watery, but the juice from the lime made it perfectly tangy. I actually liked this better than the traditional margaritas I’ve had in the past! Maybe you will too? Be sure to let us know!

So refreshing!

Happy eating! (and drinking!) Joey


  1. Sara

    I just discovered your blog, and I just have to say it is so nice to find others who follow the “path”. I am so looking forward to trying this and some of your other recipes out. It looks so refreshing…

    • Hey dad!! We found that at Williams Sonoma. It works great for small and medium-sized lemons and limes… not so great for the large ones – I’ve had to quarter them, but it’s a great juicer!

  2. SK

    Yum! Looks good. Joey, what (if any) effect did this have on your blood sugar? Curious as I think it would make a decent summer drink!

  3. Whitney

    It’s been a long time since you posted this, but I found your blog today and am loving all the recipes!

    I’m curious about your soda water…it looks like you might have one of the home carbonators…? We like “bubbly” water (5 yo included, hence the name), but don’t buy very often since it’s expensive and wasteful (all those glass bottles are recycled, but still…). Anyway, *if* that is what was in the pic…do you like your’s? Do you find it durable? Expensive to maintain?

    Dallas, TX

  4. Whitney

    Oh, I forgot to mention (!) thank you for the margarita recipe! I only drink occasionally, but I feel horrible if I have sweet stuff, being so unaccustomed these days. I love lime and this sounds fabulous!

    Actually, for the last few years if I was out for “drinks” I’d typically order a shot of tequila (the calming effect without the sugar :) ), but not only do I get “wow, you are hard core” looks, I also don’t get to savor anything. ;) Another compromise option has been vodka and cranberry (with or without soda water and/or a lime), but I’m excited to try this. Thank you for drinking “for us” and for passing on the recipe.

  5. Calves

    soda water… is not club soda?
    I was going to make these the other day and the only bottle of soda type water I found at the liquor store had like 20 g of carbs per serving. That didn’t seem like the paleo friendly choice. I’m completely ignorant on this. Advice?

  6. Rebecca

    Hi! I’m thinking of making this recipe for a party, so I was wondering if you had any larger suggestions. I’m planning for about 50 ppl, so the shot is easy (the equivalent to 50 shots of tequila) and the limes are easy too (juice of about 50 limes), but what about the soda? I’m not sure how to multiply a splash by 50. Any suggestions to the amount of soda?? Thanks!!

    • Hi Rebecca – I think we used about 2 oz of soda water. I recommend to make one for yourself as a tester, measuring the amounts, tweak as needed for your taste preference and multiply from there. Good luck!

  7. Gina

    Was wondering another option for drinking alcohol on Paleo? ( I am not a big tequila fan😒) I read somewhere you can have organic white wine…. Is that true? I would love some other ideas. Thanks for any suggestions!!!

  8. Cameron

    I’ve been drinking these since episode 3. I like to put a salt rim on the glass, just ’cause I’m fancy that way. The Mexican spice called Tajin is also fantastic instead of salt.

  9. Gina, Hard Cider is another option, but you’ve got a lot more calories to take in to account. Wine isn’t ‘necessarily’ Paleo, because of the high sugar content, but it’s debatable with some folks, just try to stick with organic, if you have to drink wine.

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