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Almond Butter

If you’re newer to a Paleo lifestyle (and have properly cleaned out your kitchen), you may find your taste buds missing one particular item from your pantry that you used to love… that you enjoyed, maybe daily, since you were just a kid… that is common across families all over the USA…

Yes, Paleo People, I’m talking about peanut butter.

This was one of the last things to go in our house when we started Paleo, and I think we scraped the jar clean knowing that it was in the non-allowed legume category and that we wouldn’t be purchasing it ever again. We sure missed our peanut butter. So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard about peanut butter’s distant cousin, almond butter.

Now, it’s not particularly likely that our prehistoric ancestors would have taken the effort to mash their almonds and create almond butter, but, I do think it’s great that technology can help us out with just this one treat. And there are several kinds of almond butter that are completely natural and have very few ingredients. While most Paleo foods don’t even have labels, this is one you want to be sure to check before purchasing. Always know what you’re eating!

The first jar that Jake and I purchased was disgusting. Just really gross… I think it was some jar of Raw Almond Butter, and it tasted like cardboard. Or, what I imagine cardboard would taste like. So we scrapped that one and tried one my sister had just bought, the Trader Joe’s variety made with Sea Salt. This one was much better. Still, not an equal match to our beloved peanut butter, but definitely something I could dip some celery stalks into. I finished that jar when I made a batch of Shelley’s Nutty Bananas (which, by the way, really taste like they do have peanut butter on them with the yummy nut paste!).

The next time I was at PCC, I found another brand of almond butter and decided to give it a go. The results? I find this one to be the most delicious yet! Kettle’s Roaster Fresh, Lightly Salted Almond Butter (pictured on the right above). What a tasty way to get some fat in!

What about you? Do you have a favorite almond butter? If so, drop a comment, we love to hear from our readers!

Happy eating! Joey


  1. Shelley

    fyi…Fred Meyer also sells the Kettle’s Almond Butter in their health food section! Saw it there just the other day…will try that one next.

  2. I tried almond butter a while back and thought it was disgusting – threw it away, in fact. I’ll have to give it a try again and look for this Kettle brand. I think I’ve seen it in my Kroger.

  3. The difference to me is whether or not it’s raw nuts. I’ve accidentaly bought the raw almond butter, and it does take gross. Make sure the nuts are roasted!

    Mmm… I love almond butter…

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