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Gravity Janes Nutrition Challenge

Happy Friday everyone!!

I am so excited to announce that the next Gravity Janes Nutrition Challenge has been scheduled!

Based in Issaquah, Washington, you do NOT need to be a member of Gravity Janes to participate in the nutrition challenge. Anyone in the area can participate, but there is a max of 35 people allowed.

The challenge will begin on Saturday, April 3rd and end on Saturday, May 15th. For six weeks, you will learn all about the Paleo Diet, get your questions answered, and get the support you need as you begin an uber-healthy way of life. With 3 Saturday Seminars led by fitness & nutrition expert, Dave Young, and weekly support groups led by Gravity Janes coaches to help you along the way, you are sure to be a success.

12 Reasons You Should Definitely Consider Signing Up:

  1. You have considered going Paleo, but aren’t sure how to start.
  2. You have tried going Paleo, but can’t seem to stick to it.
  3. All you’ve done is *think* about going Paleo, but have been too chicken to try it.
  4. You have any questions regarding the benefits of a Paleo Diet.
  5. You don’t want to do this alone.
  6. You still have grains/sugars/any non-Paleo food in your kitchen.
  7. You’re tired of feeling like crap and are ready to DO something about it.
  8. You’re just tired.
  9. You’re ready to take charge of your own health.
  10. You’re ready to feel healthier than you have ever felt, and be healthier than you have ever been.
  11. You are living, breathing human in the Seattle area.
  12. Because I said so.

Choose between a $75 or $95 fee (based on electronic materials or printed materials & book).

ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE? Click HERE (and then select the “WORKSHOPS” tab at the top) to sign up today!

Happy eating :) Joey

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