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How to Con the Rest of Your Family into Going Paleo

I’m kidding. Sort of…

If you’re anywhere on the Paleo map (new to the diet or well-seasoned), your Paleo diet may have come up in a recent conversation or two with your loved ones. I’m guessing that they’ve then done one of two things.

  1. Laughed out loud, rolled eyes, or tossed you what I called a “crazy” card
  2. Been interested enough to hear you talk about it, and then laughed out loud, rolled eyes, or tossed you a crazy card

Am I right? But isn’t it your duty to inform people about Paleo? How did you first hear about it?

I wrote yesterday, bragging about my perfect little Paleo family because I was, and am, so very proud. But we’re not perfect by any means. We still have others in the family that we’re hoping to educate, and try to get on board every chance we get. And I’m not so nice these days when they try to fight back, defending for their need or want grains, sugar, and dairy. You’re talking to the wrong lady, people!

But, the topic of families on Paleo is an interesting one, and I wanted to point your attention towards Mark Sisson’s site, Mark’s Daily Apple. Specifically, his article titled “Prodding Parents to Get Healthy.” It’s a fantastic read with great points regarding family, opinions, and the Paleo diet. It will leave you feeling less stressed about getting everyone in your world on Paleo. But please, do keep trying!

Enjoy the article and don’t forget to read the comments too! Prodding Parents to Get Healthy

Happy eating! Joey


  1. Another Paleo Chick

    It’s funny that you should post this because I JUST finished throwing some more Paleo “seeds” at my mom who is always complaining about how unhealthy my dad’s diet is. So I asked her today “Why don’t you guys try a Paleo diet?” “Because I just couldn’t give up bread and pasta and rice (etc.)” *Snort under my breath* thinking, but all you complain about is how you want dad to be healthy. UGH!! I feel like I go in circles!!

  2. You do have to remember that the attachment to those foods are an actual addiction, I hear that from everyone. Maybe send her my last post about my parents and their success? It did take my parents 9 months to come around. And while I wish you could, there’s just no way to force anyone to WANT this. If you convince someone who isn’t ready or wanting, they’ll find ways to cheat and make it fail, so just keep doing your thing, feeling great yourself, and one day she just may want to know more :) Best of luck!

  3. Jonny

    Good post.

    I’m partially paleo – in that I still eat whole grain rice and whole wheat pasta.

    Managed to lose my excess fat within 2 or 3 months (28 lbs lost).

  4. Thanks for this post. I, too, am having difficulties pushing the rest of my family towards the paleo lifestyle. I think the only thing that I can do is use myself as an example, and hope that I can eventually plant a seed within at least one of the fam.


    • I completely agree. I think that when your family sees that it’s become a part of your everyday life, and for an extended period of time, that it becomes more real to them and easier to accept. Live by example!

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