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Tired of Cooking?

Performance Paleo saves the day!

Okay, so while eating a complete Paleo diet will leave you totally energized and feeling great, sometimes all that chopping, rinsing, marinating, grilling, roasting and even chewing can leave you just a bit exhausted, wishing you had just a few more minutes back into your day.

So, maybe, take a break and let someone else do the cooking! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

We have a local resource here in the Seattle area that can deliver FRESH Paleo Meals right to your door. This is also a great option for those just getting started on Paleo… you can get to know portions and recipe ideas that will help you continue cooking on your own. Or, just get this delivered all the time!

This line of gourmet food is called Performance Paleo. You can choose how many meals & snacks you want per day, how many days, and they magically appear at your front door late in the evening, for you to enjoy the next day. The meals are all fresh, all Paleo, and the containers are 100% recyclable. Jake and I had these delivered for two weeks when we first started Paleo, and it was a huge timesaver for us. We still buy meals on occasion from Gravity Janes, where Dave keeps a nice fridge full of these on hand.

And those of you signing up for the Gravity Janes Nutrition Challenge this April 3rd will be offered a special discount on these meals, just to make going Paleo all that much easier for you :)

Happy eating! Joey

A printed menu comes with each day's delivery!

This was a super tasty shrimp salad!


  1. Kelly C.

    While all of the shopping and chopping gets tiresome, I’m good as long as I have new ideas. Thanks for the great ideas you have posted. We love the taco meat and guac recipes. Keep the ideas coming!

    • Hi Kelly – the funny thing about ordering the food for those couple of weeks actually made Jake and I really miss cooking! But for those struggling with time, it definitely can be a nice way to stay on track. So glad you’re liking the recipes! We have more coming your way soon :)

  2. Hey Paleo Girls! I wanted to let you know what Jonnathan and I have found super helpful in keeping Paleo veggies quick and easy!!! We got this for under $20 at the Puyallup Fair last September and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We use it every single day! It chops all veggies super well (it does lots of other stuff too). I might add too that with this you won’t cry your eyes out chopping onions too :)

    • Shelley

      Great job Heidi! I also have a favorite chopper, but mine is from Pampered Chef…not quite as fancy as the one you posted, but I use it all the time and it does everything from onions, carrots, celery, garlic…basically anything! Thanks for your feedback!
      Take care,

  3. Stuart

    Funny thing about gadgets in the kitchen once you go Paleo is that they take on different meanings and uses. I no longer have a Pizza cutter it is Now renamed the herb cutter. It is a quick and easy way to chop up herbs by rolling it around your cutting board. The food processor that was once under the counter brought out once a year, is now prominently displayed/used all the time. Thanks for this site Joey, I use it all the time!

    • Ooh – great idea for the pizza cutter! I love it! The herb cutter – what a great idea! We totally reorganized our kitchen after going paleo too… our former “pantry” is now more like a closet for storage of paper towels and light bulbs, as well as nuts, spices, and olive oil. I’m using our food processor much more now as well to help with all the chopping!

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