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A Sexy Benefit of Paleo

Copyright Joey Nicole Photography

Okay… so while eating Paleo is good for you for SO MANY HEALTH REASONS (do I even need to spell them out here??), there is another fantastic, totally superficial benefit: you get lean. Probably leaner than you’ve ever been. You discover your six-pack, lose that mid-waist “pooch,” and rid your arms of that floppy skin that used to waddle when you waved to people. So lean, in fact, that you just might want to take your clothes off and show the world how lean you are!

Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating just a bit.

But, what kind of business person would I be if I didn’t advertise my new business here?

You may or may not know that I am a professional photographer by day, and Paleo junkie by night. My primary business has been Weddings & Portraits, and I have just launched my new business, Joey Nicole Boudoir.

So, if you’re a woman in the Seattle area, and you’re feeling great with your new Paleo body, why not come in for a Boudoir shoot? This is definitely something worth documenting! I have a great Grand Opening Special going on right now as well, so be sure to email me if you’re interested to find out more!

Just think about it. And check out the new website here!

Happy eating :) Joey

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