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Top Sirloin Roast

Hi friends! Sorry for the long vacation! There was no vacation though – unfortunately my job that pays the bills has to take priority over this blog at times :)

Jake and I bought this delicious Top Sirloin Roast from Bill the Butcher recently, and, while it took a LOT longer to cook than we had anticipated, it was one delicious piece of meat! I’m always a fan of cooking dinners that will leave us with leftovers, and this one certainly did.

We purchased a 2 pound roast, and I covered it with “Marinade Mix” from the Market Spice shop, which was salt-free and really delicious! We cooked it on a rack, with the fat layer up top, so that the juices would run down the roast as it cooked.

I’m not including a “recipe” for this one, as I still don’t know the proper cooking technique. So if you have one for a roast, please share it in the comments section for our readers! We had read some cooking instructions that suggested to slow roast it for 45 minutes at 300, but it was nowhere near done. It ended up taking us about 90 minutes to cook, and we cranked the heat up toward the end as well. Although it was a late dinner that evening, you can tell by the photos that it actually turned out quite perfect!

We served it over some Spicy Spaghetti Squash (a regular staple around here), and were nice & full :)

Cute little spaghetti squashes! Not local, but they were organic!

Happy eating! Joey


  1. looks yummy!!!! where do you get the market spice rub? i used montreal steak seasoning for easter yeterday and it came out soooo salty – yummy – but uber salty. this spice rub looks like it would be perfect.

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