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a Paleo family Easter

I’m so excited my parents are on Paleo. It certainly makes family gatherings a lot easier. Mom and Dad served up a gorgeous spread of delicious Frittatas, Baked Ham, a fresh fruit salad, and a side of bacon. Here’s a few photos of our Easter spread…

Shelley modeling the Coconut Milk :)

Mmm... Frittata...

A little bubbly to celebrate the family being all together :)

These are our family members NOT yet on Paleo ;)

Paleo Dad! I think he had had it with me taking photos all morning :)

Cave Diva Shelley and her youngest son, Owen... so precious!

Tomorrow I have a very special Cave Diva Photo Shoot to share with you! It was so fun, I thought it deserved its own post. So stay tuned!

How were your Easter experiences? Did you use it as an “open meal” day or were you able to stay Paleo? I stayed all Paleo… even passed up some homemade cinnamon rolls later at my mother-in-law’s… basically at ham and eggs all day, and it was great, my body thanked me! I’d love to hear your stories!

Happy eating :) Joey


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