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A Cave Diva Photo Shoot

I was really excited when I heard Shelley and her family were coming up for Easter weekend, and the photographer in me immediately thought – we need new pictures for the blog! So I started brainstorming all sorts of ideas. My favorite thought was that of rap video, where Shelley & I would dress like cavewomen (think lots of leopard print, furs, and bones in our hair…) and write a Paleo rap song and perform it, and post the video here for your entertainment. But, Shelley’s flip was acting up and we didn’t have time to write our paleo rap… so a simple photo shoot ensued before we indulged in our Easter Frittata and Ham.

First, we tried the back porch of my parents house, but it was super windy out there, so we just took a few…

Then we went to the front yard in search of perfect light and calmer winds. The best spot ended up being in our neighbor’s yard with a big tree behind us. Love Jake’s eye for bringing us forward for some lovely backlighting too!

This shot is very typical… Shelley being goofy, and me just laughing at (I mean with) her :)

Shelley wanted to know why I, the “little” sister, kept picking up her, the “big” sister… and I really have no idea except that I think she is the “little” sister!

I hope that you enjoyed our impromptu photo shoot!

Happy eating :) Joey


  1. Nicole

    You girls are so funny! Mak’n me laugh. The pictures are great. I’m spending Easter w/ you two next year, if it’s that much fun!

  2. OMG you ladies are gorgeous and I LOOOOOVE this website. Thank you for taking time to put together the posts and pictures. Gorgeous.

    Just started Cross Fit again and have begun the life style change of the Paleo intake. Loving it. Feeling wonderful within.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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