Sleep Love Eat

{A Week of Meals from Performance Paleo}

Hi Paleo Friends! Wow! Soooo sorry for the extra-long absence! I don’t know what happened! Oh wait, I decided to open up a Boudoir Photography Studio… kept me a bit busier than I had anticipated :) But, the studio is up and running, and even though we’re fast approaching the busy 2010 Wedding season, life is feeling a bit back to normal.

I have lots of photos and some new recipes to share as well, but I thought I’d kick off my return to blogging with some fresh ideas from Performance Paleo (by Chef By Request). I’ve mentioned them before, but when life got crazy awhile back, Jake and I decided it would be a good time to have meals delivered for a week. It probably saved us 2 hours a day in cooking & cleaning time! And while we did miss our own cooking at the end of the week, these chef-created, hand-delivered, healthy Paleo meals were a real time saver.

These meals can be a great solution for anyone just starting Paleo, to get some recipe ideas, or anyone who is just plain busy. Anyone new to a Paleo Diet most immediately sees they’re spending a lot more time in the kitchen than before, and if this can help, why not give it a try? I even learned that I like some things I didn’t think I would! I snapped a few shots along the way, so you can see how the meals look for yourself.

If you’re not in the Seattle area and don’t have access to Chef By Request’s services, maybe just borrow some of their recipe ideas below to help you out :)


Below – a sample day’s menu…

A tasty breakfast (They even peel the hard-boiled eggs for you!)

If you put it on a dish, it looks like you made it yourself :)

Steak Salad for lunch

Steak salad, tossed

A delicious Shrimp & Broccoli snack with Red Pepper dipping sauce

This doesn't look so pretty, but it was REALLY tasty!

Eggs & Fruit are a classic Performance Paleo breakfast. Though you can switch it up and eat any meal, anytime you want :)

This was a Shredded Pork Salad with a really scrumptious dressing.

A simple snack of turkey & veggies with Italian dressing. I often ate my "snacks" with lunch to make it one big meal.

A dinner of Steak with Mushrooms, and a side of Zucchini.

Fruit & Nut Snack

An Egg-Souffle Snack with red pepper and herbs. So creative! Small, delicious, and filling!

An insider's view of the egg-souffle.

Chicken Curry Salad. I didn't know I liked curry until I ate this. And then I ate Jake's too :)

Chicken Curry Salad, tossed.

The Paleo Version of a Breakfast Sandwich!

Happy Eating :) Joey


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