Sleep Love Eat

{“Candy Cigarettes and Sex With Your Pants On” ~ Melissa Urban}

Melissa and Dallas

This past weekend, Jake and I attended the Whole 9 Life Foundations of Nutrition Workshop with Melissa and Dallas (and Jake also attended day 2 which was the Trainer’s Nutrition Workshop), hosted by CrossFit Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, WA. And while we learned a lot of great stuff while we were there, I couldn’t help it that the quote above is what stuck with me. I thought it might help any of you newbies to Paleo.

Basically, it refers to the principle that doing something less bad to mimic the thing that is most enjoyable and bad, doesn’t do anything to really help you avoid the “bad,” it only makes you want it more.

In our case, this would be grains & the “paleoification” of non-paleo foods. Such as “paleo pancakes” or “paleo pizza.” Yes, you may be able to create these once-loved items out of technically paleo foods, but they’re likely to never be as good to you as the non-paleo foods you used to eat, leading you to fall off the bandwagon into a dish of those non-paleo foods much faster than you’d like. It’s a fantastic principle, encouraging you to embrace the paleo way of eating for exactly what it is (fuel), and changing your relationship with food entirely.

You’ll have to attend one of their workshops yourself to get the full experience – even I was surprised how much I absorbed considering that Jake and I have already been eating and studying the science behind paleo for about a year and a half now. Reinforcements are good. Talking with people directly about paleo, instead of just reading about it, is good. Just sitting in a room with like-minded people felt good. Hearing Melissa and Dallas describe it their way was good. Even though Dallas forced his Coconut Flakes upon me. But, more on that later.

Jake and I actually realized a few places we’d gone soft in our own eating habits, so we were excited to do a bit of grocery shopping our first night home. We left PCC stocked with some new treats that I will share with you in another post, because they definitely do deserve their own post. And right now, we’re even participating in their Whole 30 3.0. Just to clean things up a bit :)

Happy eating! Joey


  1. Toni

    I too am doing their Whole30 for the first time (& my first time doing strictly paleo) so I’m excited yall are too! It will be nice to have that extra motivation!

      • Toni

        I will certainly keep in touch regards to it! I am on day 2 right now so I’ve got a ways to go :) I’ve read a lot of your past blogs and am glad to have some paleo food ideas! How long have you been paleo? The one thing I find that I miss most is cheese & greek yogurt….does that get easier?

      • Yes, it actually does get easier! People have told us that the first week or two can be the hardest (there can be some issues with tiredness, digestion, and hunger if you’re not eating enough), and some say that they’re feeling really, really great by the end of week 2. Weeks 3 & 4 just continue the improvements. But, it’s different for everyone. I do encourage you to do this completely strict for 30 days (so great job cutting out the cheese & yogurt!) so that you can let your body heal and actually feel the difference this can make for you. I used to love cheese, but I don’t miss breaking out from it anymore :) Jake (my husband) and I have been eating paleo since March 2009. We’re doing the whole 30 right now to clean up our act as well!

  2. Toni

    Hey Joey! I just noticed on the whole9 website that they are having a seminar in my area in January. Is it worth it to go? I had planned on buying their success guide they just put on their site so I wasn’t sure if it was all the same information? I’m not a member of a crossfit or this particular crossfit so not sure if it’d be awkward to just show up for such an event but knew you all just went so wanted some feedback! Thanks!

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