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{The Urban Farmer: A Modern Steakhouse}

Jake’s a smart man. He knew that asking me to pack up and drive to Portland for the weekend with only a moment’s notice would drive me up the wall. Literally. I’m a planner, and I like knowing my schedule. Going out-of-town these days makes me especially nervous ever since we’ve become such food snobs.

So, what’s a smart husband to do? Find an awesome restaurant that is attached to a beautiful hotel, call my parents to dog-sit, call my sister to make sure we could visit her family (they live in the area) and THEN tell me about the Whole 9 Workshop.

Good food, hotel room, visiting my sister, and making new paleo friends? How could I say no??!

We stayed at The Nines hotel in Portland, which was gorgeous all on it’s own, and dined almost all of our meals at their Urban Farmer Restaurant.

According to their website:

“Urban Farmer steakhouse in Portland focuses on sustainable practices by serving meats, poultry, seafood and produce garnered from the efforts of local ranchers, farmers and fisherman committed to changing Portland dining and the way our world harvests food.”

And there’s no mystery about what you’re eating. The menu clearly indicates whether your beef is grass-fed-grain-finished, grass-fed-grass-finished (woo hoo!), “natural,” or any other variety. The eggs had yolks as orange as orange could be, and a list of local farms they partner with is available as well. I was so excited to be there, that I even tried Brussels sprouts for the first time in my life! They’re so 5-star, that they even ask you for your food allergies when you make your reservation (we claimed celiac).

It was delicious and beautiful and I am sad that it’s now 3 hours away. But, maybe if you’re in the area, you can check it out and enjoy it for yourself :)

Happy eating! Joey


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