Sleep Love Eat

{The Stumbling Goat Bistro}

iPhone photo of my mouth-watering Butternut Squash Soup at the Stumbling Goat

On the topic of restaurants, Jake discovered a delicious treasure right in our hometown of Seattle. Last week, we dined at The Stumbling Goat Bistro for the first time.

You know it’s going to be a good night when you take a seat at your table, glance outside the window, and see Dave Matthews walking by. Yes, THE Dave Matthews of The Dave Matthews Band. But, we were so excited to try out the tasty food at the Stumbling Goat that we didn’t even chase Dave down and ask him to sing for us (and that wouldn’t be very Seattle-like of us, either).

While we’ve yet to find a perfectly Paleo restaurant (someone. open. one. PLEASE.), it’s at least nice to find a place where we can get the quality we want. So for now, I’ll settle for replacing the mashed potatoes with veggies.

This quaint bistro supports organic local producers creating sustainable products, and also provides a list of local farmers and purveyors that they’ve partnered with. And the food? Ridiculous delicious. We’ll definitely be back.

I’ve shared mine, now will you share yours? If you happen to know of a great organic/local restaurant in your area where you can get some grass-fed beef or farm chicken, please drop the name & city in the comment box to share with others!

Happy eating! Joey

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