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{The Primal Bedroom}

The Primal Bedroom. Sealed with a little duct tape :)

Jake wrote a post awhile back about the importance of sleep, and how eating paleo can help you get a good, solid night’s rest. We recently made some changes to our bedroom that are helping us sleep like babies, so I thought I would share them here with you :)

Our first step was simply hiding all of the “mini lights.” These included:

  • Smoke Alarm light: covered with duct tape
  • iPhones (they’ll glow randomly if you get push notifications!): turn over
  • DVD player clock: blocked with a towel
  • Extension cord on/off switch: covered with duct tape

Even with all of these items no longer glaring at us in our sleep, we still had the issue of…

  • Our window

We have those horribly cheap blinds that came with our condo when we moved in, and had never purchased any finer drapery. We were noticing that as soon as sunrise hit, our room was lit up like a broadway show.

We looked at purchasing a blackout screen that sits inside your window frame, but weren’t too excited about spending our hard-earned money on that. So, we did what was next best and used a 9′ wide black velvet curtain that I had once used for photography. We hooked it up with a curtain rod that we had in the home office, and viola, a blackout panel! The first night we had this up we slept WONDERFULLY. We were so excited that we could actually tell the difference.

But, we noticed that there was still light peeking in from behind the edges of the curtain. A little duct tape to the rescue, and we have successfully eliminated 99% of light from our bedroom! Okay, so it’s not the prettiest decor, but it’s works for us (and our budget) for now :)

Curious what’s on the primal nightstand? Some very intriguing stuff for sure…

Have you successfully blacked out your bedroom? Post your tricks in the comments section to help others!

Happy sleeping :) Joey

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