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{Whole 30 Update, 2 Weeks In}

After attending the Whole 9 Life Foundations of Nutrition workshop two weekends ago, Jake and I decided to participate in their Whole 30 program… just because. We have been eating paleo for a year and a half now, so it wasn’t as though this was going to be a major change for us, we were more curious to see if we would notice a difference, so we figured, why not give it a try?

So, what’s the difference for us if we’re already so perfectly paleo?

Well, we’re not completely perfect. Every day we aim to make the best food choices that we can, but in this modern world of 90% non-food, occasionally the bite of something toxic does find its way into our diet. After all, we do shoot weddings. And there is wedding cake. And we’d be rude not to have  a piece if offered, right? (sarcasm, people… sarcasm :)

So it’s only been two weeks of eating perfectly – no cheats, not a bite, is the aim of the game. Weddings are where it usually falls apart for me – pasta or sandwiches are often the vendor meal and I’m usually too tired and hungry to skip it or do something different. We did shoot a wedding this past weekend, and we were fortunate enough to be given guest meals for dinner (steak for me, salmon for Jake). We kindly passed on the cake. And the gourmet dessert bar. And I felt great the next morning, no high blood sugar, no food hangover.

So how else is it paying off?

Well, I’ve reduced my insulin needs even further. (Taking 2 less units of Lantus for you type 1s out there – down to 8 units/day). And my sugars have been SO steady! I’m still a bit more insulin resistant during my luteal phase, but this past week I was in it, my sugars were not as high as they were in previous months. (Yay!) I increased my NPH during this time to achieve for lower readings. I’m going to be charting my readings, insulin doses, and carb counts over the next 2 weeks to bring to my next doctor’s appointment. My goal is to show her that you can have steady, low blood sugars without having a lot of dangerous low readings.

Jake is doing well also. He’s looking even slimmer and I think it’s weirding him out a bit that his jeans are loose yet again, but I think healthy looks so, so handsome on him :)

So, that’s all for now. Oh – we did make a very exciting purchase of a new Dutch Oven from Sur La Table this weekend for a wonderful goulash recipe I’ll be cooking up tomorrow. The list of ingredients makes my mouth water, so stay tuned for that.

And for those wondering what I’ve had to eat today…

  • Breakfast: 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, 1 red pepper, scoop of coconut butter
  • Lunch: Flank Steak & sweet potato fries fried in coconut oil (sweet potatoes are a rare treat friends – this isn’t an excuse to eat them every meal!)
  • Dinner: will likely be some grilled Halibut and spaghetti squash, likely chased down with a glass of coconut milk

Happy eating! Joey


  1. Deanna

    Hi! I’m a new subscriber (as of Friday night I think) and really like how you organize your blog and include the photos – It is short, efficient, easy and enjoyable to read and I enjoy it. Thanks! I clicked the 30 day Whole 30 Paleo link and read through it. Having just had an amazing dinner of free range, organic chicken – breaded in almond flour and fried in organic extra virgin olive oil (I know need a higher temp oil) last night and also reading here you made sweet potato fries I am wondering what they mean about pseudo Paleo frying? Also in regards to sugar – where do my supplements from the naturopath come in. For example the b-12 liquid or tablettes always seem to include some kind of sweetener. Any advice? Should I just cut it out or accept no other supplement except without any sugars/sweeteners (if possible) or is this not significant to trigger my body?

    • Hi Deanna – thanks for following the blog! I’m not exactly sure about the frying question – you’d be best asking the folks at Whole 9 Life directly about that since it’s their plan. Maybe it goes along with their idea that they want everyone eating pure, whole foods without trying to make them look like old favorites (so avoid “paleo cookies,” “paleo pizzas,” etc.) in that first 30 days? Regarding the supplements, it is going to be the better choice to avoid sweeteners. Both natural and artificial sweeteners can cause insulin spikes. According to Dr. Bernstein (author of The Diabetes Solution), the only acceptable form of artificial sweetener is stevia powder as it has no effect on overall blood sugars. It would best to avoid all sweeteners because they can cause insulin spikes, but I do encourage you to do your own research on the supplements you’re taking and find out how they might affect you. It’s great that you took notice that they’re in there! Best of luck to you!

  2. Toni

    Awesome to hear your progress so far & I enjoy hearing what you ate today, gives me ideas! I am starting day #15 today and half way there. I’m already down 8.6 pounds, my face is clear, my energy is through the roof, my moods are stable, my sleep is amazing and I’ve conquered some dreaded GI issues i’ve had for awhile! I love this way of eating and I don’t think I want to go back to “normal” eating after my whole30 is up!

    • Toni, that’s fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! My favorite comment is your last one… for most people, this does become a completely permanent lifestyle change. So glad you’re already feeling so many amazing benefits!

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