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{Where’s the Beef?}

Pastured eggs, straight from the farm.

It’s unfortunate that finding great-sourced protein isn’t as simple as walking in your local grocer these days. Well, unless you’ve done your homework and know where to shop and exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve done our research, and it still feels as though we’re learning something new every day.

Even the shops that do source the healthiest forms of meat don’t always make it easy on the shoppers… from terms from like organic to natural to grass-fed but, wait, is that 100% grass-fed or mostly grass-fed then grain-finished beef? And those chickens and eggs – are they free-range, like for REAL on a farm, or do they just get a small window to go out if they want or can even get to it from their crowded barn? Do they eat organic food? And is that organic feed or real bugs and stuff they find on the farms? I tell you, shopping for the best can be simply exhausting.

We’re working on a local guide for all of our Seattle friends, but until then I wanted to share two websites that Jake found that have been great resources for us to learn a bit more about where our local food is coming from. We even visited one these farms we found on here today to pick up some pastured eggs, and I’ll have a full post coming up on that shortly.

So, to find some great-sourced protein and veggies in your area, check out the following websites. To get the best answers about each farm, visit their websites (links are usually included), and go check the farm out for yourself!



Our friends at Whole 9 Life also wrote this spectacular post on Chicken Eggs recently. Sort of an “eggtionary” to help ease your shopping confusion:)

Happy eating! Joey

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  1. Lindsay

    I found these guys ( through Eat Wild and ordered a selection of beef and pork. Really great stuff. They are local (just south of Yakima) for us Washingtonians, and the beef is dry aged as well as grass-fed and I can taste the difference between it and grass-fed meat from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s even with something like ground beef used in tacos. Also, it’s not any more expensive than the store-bought meat from a place like WF or PCC (if you have freezer space and buy, say, 20 pounds at a time, it’s probably even less).

    I encourage everyone to browse through Eat Wild and find a local farm to order their meat from. It’s better for us, better for our local farmers, and better for the environment since local food means less oil burned to get it to our tables.


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