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{Quack Some Eggs}

Duck eggs!

Eggs just happen to be on my mind this week! Did you know that chickens lay fewer eggs in the winter? This is normal with less daylight and cooler weather. You may have noticed it’s a bit more challenging to find farm eggs this time of year because of that. Ducks follow a similar egg-laying pattern, but I know so many people aren’t even familiar with purchasing or eating duck eggs. I wasn’t, until our butcher introduced us to them. The purpose of this post? Duck egg awareness :)

We bought some awhile ago when the butcher was low on farm eggs. They insisted we would love them and there was nothing to fear (I’m not so brave at trying new foods). So we took a dozen home and discovered that Duck’s eggs are quite powerful in that their shells are even harder to crack, their yokes are HUGE and very dense, and they even have a richer flavor. I quickly found that I only needed to eat 2 or 3 duck eggs compared to 4 chicken eggs.

If you want to find out a bit more about Duck Eggs, check out the following sites:

They look just like Chicken eggs, but larger.

I think all eggs taste best cooked in lots of bacon lard :)

If you want to spend a few minutes of your workday watching these cute little fellas on You Tube, click here. And… if you happen to be a highly sensitive person such as myself, grab some tissues as well… something about these waddling fuzzy creatures just melted my heart this morning. Before I knew it, I was picturing a big house with a big pond and a whole flock of ducks as pets…

Have you tried duck eggs? What’s your opinion?

Happy eating :) Joey


  1. So i “clicked here” and watched the first video of the duckling and his “owner” and it melted my heart…adorable! who knew ducks could adapt to a human like that…great video and wonderful post! I will have to try a duck egg….just started paleo about 2 weeks ago (im doing a 6 week challenge at my crossfit gym)….so im up for trying new things! Thanks for all the great blog post and keep’em comin! Christine

  2. my parents got 10 silver appleyard ducks (plus 10 chickens of various species) this spring. they haven’t started laying yet, but when they do… FREE DUCK EGGS! i can’t wait…

  3. I raise ducks for eggs and meat. The eggs certainly are richer than chicken eggs! Strangely, while I like them fried or scrambled, I don’t care for them hard boiled — they have a strange flavor that way.

  4. Joey,

    I saw goose eggs in a local store the other day, but they were so huge, I was too scared to buy them. ;) Actually, they were $2.50 each, so I passed and bought the pastured, organic (chicken) eggs instead. Hope you’re (still) doing well.



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