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{Happy New Year!!}

Sophi & Hitch, all decked out for the Holidays :)

Hi Friends!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday! After celebrating a wonderful Christmas Eve here with Jake’s family, we got the heck out-of-town for a little winter vacation. We met up with Paleo Mom & Dad, my sister Shelley (the other Paleo Girl), her husband, their 3 boys and their dog for a snow-filled getaway in Lake Chelan.

For the first time in I-have-no-idea-how-long, it felt like we had an honest to god vacation. And it felt GOOOOOD. I ditched the work emails, blogging, editing, facebooking (for the most part) and just hung out with the family. We all made it to Chelan in time for Christmas dinner and spent the week sledding, snowmobiling (twice!), shopping, cooking, watching Harry Potter (my nephews finally caught Potter Fever!), and playing games. It went by way too fast, but luckily I was able to snap a few photos to remind us of our fun holiday. We even managed the rare group family photo when we went to Leavenworth for an afternoon!

After roaming the roads for about 20 minutes, in 2 cars, we finally came across this gorgeous little spot on the river. I was thrilled – what a perfect backdrop! Thanks to the tripod and a super-cooperative and well-prepared family, we were able to get these shots in about 5 minutes.

So, while I am sure many of you are here because you’ve gone Paleo as your New Year’s Resolution, or you’re just looking for some info to help keep you on track, let today’s post be a simple reminder to stop and enjoy life now and then… and let the stresses take a backseat when you can. That’s going to be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Besides going Paleo, of course :)

Did you do something fun to unwind over the holidays? Do share!

Enjoy some pics from our holiday… and, as always, Happy Eating :)

The Whole Crew

(clockwise) Shelley, Guy, Luke, AJ, Owen

In photography, it's important to let kids be kids... even after they've watched Despicable Me one too many times :)

Paleo Jake & Joey (me)

Paleo Mom & Dad!

The Paleo Girls... never a dull moment :)

Oh, and in case you’ve been wondering, Hitch & Sophi are fully primal dogs – would you expect any less from our kids? Full post on that coming soon :)


  1. Matt F

    Great pics, looks like a lot of fun.
    About Hitch & Sophi, do you feed them a grain free kibble or are they fully on the Bones and Raw Food diet? I’ve been trying to swith my dogs over to Beyond Grains brand kibble and one is taking to it okay but the other did not. Have been considering the Bones and Raw Food diet for years but am scared of the transition.

    • Jake


      Hitch and Sophi are on a raw food diet. Dogs are only meant to eat meat so they are healthiest on the raw animal plan. I think your dogs will go crazy over the raw food. You should be able to tell a difference in their coats fairly soon after the switch. This diet will prevent the same diseases the Paleo diet does for us. You won’t have to worry about your dogs suffering through cancer or other syndrome x diseases. They will live long and healthy lives with minimal veterinarian visits. If you decide to switch the dogs food, which Joey and I highly suggest, keep us posted.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Just found your blog via Twitter! Just reading this first post I must say:

    1) Love the Sorels! My favorite!
    2) Beautiful photos.
    3) Awesome on feeding the pooches raw. We feed ours (1 95-lb mutt) raw and while it costs an arm & several legs, it’s well worth it. He gets the bone meal, the organs, the tripe, plenty of raw eggs, and some coconut oil. We use Majestic and a few other brands. We also no longer vaccinate, although we do have to titer for our kennel.

    Great blog! I’ll visit often.

  3. Allison

    Hi ladies!
    I’m a 23-year-old type 1 diabetic (for 15 years) and a friend recommended the Paleo diet, so I googled diabetes and paleo and found this! I love what I’ve read and the photos are incredible, too. Thanks for the info and I look forward to having the posts show up on my google reader :)

    • Hi Allison – I am a type 1 diabetic myself (20 years now @ 31 years old), and this diet is going to help you control your diabetes so well! Be cautious, as your sensitivity may increase dramatically as you omit grains and sugars from your diet. Adjust your insulin needs as needed with your doctor’s help. I skip fruit as well which helps things out. Meat, fats, and non-starchy veggies are a diabetics best friend :)

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