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{Grass Fed Jerky Chews}

Grass-fed beef jerky from our local butcher has been one of my favorite snacks for months and months on end. Then, one tragic day, they were out. OUT? I threw a fit and stomped my feet like a two year old. Tears almost sprang to my eyes as well. It was dreadful.

A few days later, my husband discovered a little website unbeknownst to me… Sophia’s Survival Food, featuring her soon-to-be-famous Grass Fed Jerky Chews. I emailed her to double-check the ingredients (I needed to make sure there really was no sugar in them) and placed my order the same day.

This morning, I finally opened up each package and sampled all of the flavors. They were all so delicious that I could hardly finish chewing them before coming to write this post! The jerky is so incredibly fresh-tasting (made to order!), and the texture (thinner sliced than most jerky I have had – doesn’t break your teeth!) and the flavors are fresh, simple, and amazing. I am happy to put my stamp of approval on this product, and was so excited to share it here since it can be ordered online! Fun for everyone!

The different flavors are:

  • Original: I tried this one first and was really, pleasantly surprised. I’m a big fan of herbs and spices, so I didn’t think the plain beef and sea salt was going to make me too excited. But it did! It tasted like the beef was slow-roasted in beef broth and sang love songs as it dried (it wasn’t – read about the creation process here).
  • Mild: This is the original, plus a few delicious flavors and seasonings. A little brighter, happier taste of jerky. Really, really good stuff.
  • Spicy: My favorite. I don’t like things with too much heat (I don’t see the need for my food to make me sweat), and this was seasoned to perfection. A little sweetness from the lemon juice, a little bit ‘o spice from the cayenne, a few other touches of love make this the perfectly zesty choice.

Close-up of a Spicy Jerky Chew

You can see the full list of ingredients on her website, and she is also offering an April special – buy 10 bags, get 1 free!

The jerky comes in 1.5 oz biodegradable packages, perfect for stashing in your purse or briefcase. If you’re someone who travels for business, this would be an ideal emergency food to take on your business trip!

Click on her logo to visit the website and try the Grass Fed Jerky Chews for yourself!

Happy eating :) Joey


  1. Chuck Burns

    I just ordered 10 bags (with 10 you get one free). Thanks for the tip. My job requires that I travel a good bit throughout Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, NM and Arizona and I hate convenience store jerky. In addition my wife and I travel a good bit; roaming around the West in our Jeep and we like to take jerky along.

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