Sleep Love Eat

{Paleo Girls becomes Sleep. Love. Eat.}

This humble little blog has had over 200,000 views since it’s birth, and I decided it was past due time for a makeover. It’s funny how a blog can start as one simple concept, and evolve to something I never even could have imagined. I’m pleased with the need for a change. I think it reflects that I am evolving, continuing to learn, and accepting growth.

Paleo Girls started with my sister and I wanting to share our tasty recipes as we discovered and fell in love with the paleo way of life. Shelley contributed some fabulous dishes that are still some of our reader’s favorites. She’s been keeping busy raising her family, and Jake has stepped in with some great information on factors other than recipes that can add to our quality of life. I also enjoy sharing the little things (such as my last post on dog food), so I wanted to gear away from being known as a “recipe-only” site. Don’t worry… you will still see photographs of new dishes as we discover them. Nothing content-wise is really going to change, and the links all remain where they were before. We’re just evolving here. :)

Jake and I think the new name Sleep. Love. Eat. reflects what we hope to share here about life. I encourage you to read the full explanation on the FAQ page.

We hope that you enjoy the ride, and continue evolving along with us here!

Much love, Joey

One comment

  1. Christie

    Have been Paleo for a week – and cannot believe how much better I feel! I am an athlete with some inflamation/tendonitis issues, a mom with young children and I work two jobs! I too thought that pain and exhaustion were normal.

    I chose this week to begin because I am “in between” events and my training schedule is at a “low” level – and my parnter is away on a business trip.

    At first I was attributing feeling so good to those factors (training less and having the bed to myself…), when it suddenly dawned on me that it is my food choices that are making me feel better!!!!!!

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