Sleep Love Eat

{Amy and Michael’s Wedding}

He’s a New Yorker, megastar of social networking, and a big, big Sounders fan. She’s a New Mexican with a delicious sense of style and taste. Together, as Seattleites, they’re a force to be reckoned with, projecting more endless good energy you just can’t get enough of. Their friends are addicted to them, and their families built from strong ties of love. Bring them all together beneath one roof at the Edgewater and good times are sure to erupt.

A small hats-off to the bridesmaids for the most hilarious toasts we have ever heard. We observe a lot of wedding toasts. Some nice, some good, some… horribly awkward, but you ladies stole the spotlight in a way I wish more bridesmaids would.

Congrats to the happy couple! We’re so happy to know you ~ enjoy a few of our favorite images here.

Be sure to check out the bride’s blog featuring yummy low carb meals and fabulous fashion as well!

Thanks so much Amy and Michael for having us out to shoot your wedding! Much love, Joey and Jake


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